You’re Damn Right An Aquaman Spinoff About the Trench Creatures Is Being Developed

Photo: Warner Bros.

It’s morning again in America, because Aquaman fans are getting the spinoff they deserve. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is working on a movie all about the Trench, the place where more civilized aqua people are sent to be sacrificed in the briny deep (not to be confused with the Brine Kingdom, which is filled with militant shellfish). The Trench creatures aren’t given much dimension in Aquaman, which maybe means they are the perfect candidate for a more built-out story. As THR explains, “The Trench creatures are rather recent arrivals to the Aquaman lore, having been introduced in the comics only in 2011 when DC did a revamp of its entire publishing line. They are revealed to be part of the kingdom of Atlantis but when it sunk, inhabitants who were cut off from other survivors and evolved into ravenous monsters.”

And you know what? Bravo to WB for making the brave choice in its spinoff decisions. They could have gone the easier route, spotlighting the more family friendly Fishermen Kingdom, filled with its stately philosopher poets. They could have chosen Xebel, since we’ve already seen their king, Nereus (Dolph Lundgren), who is more or less a humanoid being and therefore basically relatable. But no. The studio opted to highlight the anglerfish-like beasts of the Trench, which seemed to have no discernible culture, society, or relational hierarchy when we saw them swarming around our heroes, Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) and Meara (Amber Heard), as they swam for safety in the Hidden Sea. But who are we to judge the Trench dwellers from such a superficial look? Let us hear more of their story, which is currently being worked on by screenwriters Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald.

The main cast of Aquaman is said not to be involved with the movie, tentatively titled The Trench, but it will be produced by Aqua director James Wan, and is said to have a “horror-tinged” tone. Now make it the rock opera we deserve!

Aquaman Spin-off About The Trench Creatures Is in the Works