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Ariana Grande Wants to Take a Little Time Away, Says She’ll ‘Go Away for a Little’

Ariana Grande reacts to her Billboard hits on James Corden.
Ariana Grande >>> the Beatles. Photo: CBS

After surprising and delighting tween-dreamy Filipino boy band TNT during their performance of “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” on last night’s Late Late Show With James Corden, Ariana Grande kicked up her thigh-highs on Corden’s couch to talk about her record-breaking string of Billboard successes. Expressing what can only be described as a Frankie-level of Arianator enthusiasm, Corden rattled off stats while Grande responded with adorumble (equal parts adorable-humble) graciousness and — I counted — 13 “sorrys,” “I’m sorrys,” and “I’m so sorrys.”

As Corden informed the audience that Grande is the first artist since the Beatles to hold the No. 1 album slot and Hot 100 top-three single slots at once, Grande laughed and assured him, “I’ll take a break after this. I’ll go away for a little, I promise.” Corden spoke on behalf of all of us when he told her, “We don’t want you to,” but Grande was quick to say, “I do! I’m tired of my voice.”

Grande added that as of late, “I usually don’t have anything to do … Personal life: still nonexistent,” and that she was planning on celebrating the Billboard records by either going out to dinner with her mom or going to the studio to record more. So what is the truth? Taking a break, or laying down new vocals? According to this very cursed image, she opted for dinner:


Ariana Grande Says She’ll ‘Go Away for a Little’