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Somehow, Moms Still Think That Wild-Eyed Ginger Doll Is Cute In New Child’s Play Trailer

Two things are surprising about the trailer for the Child’s Play revival. First of all, how is anyone looking at that damn Chucky doll in the year 2019 and thinking “I should definitely bring this cursed object into my home”? And second, Aubrey Plaza has apparently entered the phase of her career where she plays moms!

Polaroid director Lars Klevberg’s stab at the Chucky universe, created in 1988 by Don Mancini, stars Plaza as Karen Barclay, the mom looking for the perfect birthday gift for her boy, Andy (Gabriel Bateman). That sweet gesture takes a dark turn when the doll animates and starts killing a lot of people, but fortunately for us all, Brian Tyree Henry is on the case as Detective Mike Norris.

The movie, which hits theaters in June, is not connected to the Child’s Play series being developed by Mancini and Channel Zero creator Nick Antosca. So brace yourself for hearing a Chucky voice not provided by Brad Dourif for the first time in 31 years when you catch the remake.

Brian Tyree Henry, Aubrey Plaza Star In Child’s Play Trailer