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Can You Guess the Oscar Film From the IMDb Parents Guide Content Warning?

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You know the Oscars field pretty well by now. You’ve filled out ballots, you’ve shaken your head over the possibility that Bohemian Rhapsody or Greek Book wins, you’ve tried to read the nominations tea leaves. But how solid is your Oscar knowledge really? You may recognize all the titles and names, but this quiz will test whether you can identify Oscar-nominated movies through an entirely different lens, one that looks at movies and asks, “Does this film have too much cleavage? How many swears are there?” Can you identify Oscar-nominated movies based solely on excerpts from the content advisory warnings on their IMDb Parents Guide page?

Each excerpt below comes from one of the content warning sections of the IMDb Parents Guide for an Oscar nominated film; match the potentially troublesome content description with its film, and think seriously before taking your preteen to see The Favourite. (Some of these could easily fit for multiple films, but please note: The parents of the IMDb warning section have written each description with one specific film in mind.)

Can You Guess the Oscar Film From the IMDb Parents Guide Content Warning?

Can you guess the Best Picture nominee based on these parental warnings submitted by IMDb users?

"A brief sex scene in bed while she wrapped her legs around the man's waist and some thrusting is visible too."
"During a comical scene, one character gives someone the middle-finger."
"[Character’s name] is shown in many outfits displaying cleavage."
"[Bad language is] very pervasive and frequent. 100 uses of 'fuck,' 10 uses of 'shit.' God's name is tangled up with 'damn' 20 times. 3 uses of 'tities.' [sic.] 6 uses of 'ass.'"
"A couple is seen on a couch together, they are naked but covered with blankets. Then their friends rush into the room and she covered herself with the blanket."
"The scene where [actor’s name]’s character intentionally steps on a rabbit could upset some viewers, particularly when the rabbit whimpers in pain but the rabbit is not killed."
"Dick Cheney often smokes cigars."
"[Character A] gives [Character B] a furious and lengthy handjob. No nudity is shown but heavily implied."
"28 uses of 'fuck,' a few uses of 'bullshit,' and 'god damn.'"
"The main characters get lost while driving and are pulled over at night. The result confrontation gets violent when a racist cop insults the driver and is punched for it. The driver is immediately arrested for Assaulting a Police Officer and the African-American pianist, who was not involved in any way, is arrested also for being in a town where African-Americans are not allowed to be at night."


Can You Guess the Oscar Film From IMDb’s Parental Warning?