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CBS Deems President Trump’s Emergency Declaration Less Important Than The Price Is Right

Drew Carey. Photo: CBS Photo Archive/CBS via Getty Images

Don’t even think about taking away the tease of some Plinko action unless we have a bona fide political catastrophe on our hands. CBS, bless this network, upheld that standard during President Trump’s self-proclaimed “emergency declaration” speech at the White House on Friday afternoon, when, perhaps realizing Trump’s musings about “invasion of drugs, invasion of gangs, invasion of people” wasn’t a Merriam-Webster definition of “emergency,” the control room chose to cut his speech short in favor of returning viewers to the regularly scheduled episode of The Price Is Right, just in time for the Showcase Showdown. Deadline reports CBS was the sole network, cable or otherwise, to execute such a decision, which was perhaps because the intended eight-minute speech started 40 minutes late and ultimately reached upward of 50 minutes by its end. Cut it doooooown next time!

CBS Deems President Trump Less Important Than Price Is Right