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Does Your Phone Have a Little Dancing Childish Gambino in It? Hmmmm? Does It?

During Sunday night’s Grammys, Google Pixel 3 dropped a new commercial featuring Donald Glover as Childish Gambino in a dance-off with…himself, all set to to the rapper’s as-yet unreleased song “Human Sacrifice.” Specifically, he’s dancing against an augmented reality version Playmoji of himself that you too can dance with in the phone’s “Playground,” along with other dance-ready characters. Seems like Google could have used their technology to make Childish Gambino perform at the Grammys (or at least show up to receive his Song of the Year Grammy for “This Is America”) but perhaps that opens up the same chilling dystopian fears as that Tupac hologram. Still pretty cute though!

Does Your Phone Have a Tiny Dancing Childish Gambino in It?