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Let This Grey’s Anatomy Behind-the-Scenes Clip of Ellen Pompeo Dancing to Ariana Grande Restore You

It would be a pretty big deal on the internet if Ellen Pompeo was just dancing to new music from Ariana Grande in her regular Ellen Pompeo clothes. But then you put her in those Meredith Grey scrubs and make it an outtake from Grey’s Anatomy, and you have two massive fandoms suddenly orbiting around one another like a pair of twin suns.

Bathed in very music-video–appropriate blue lighting, Pompeo started feeling Grande’s “Breakup With Your Boyfriend, I’m Bored” and went ahead with a small show for those watching on the monitors. So experience the joy of Pompeo and her Meredith half-pony mouthing, “You can hit it in the morning, like it’s yours,” and start spamming Grande on Twitter about a Grey’s-themed music video. But you might have to wait for her shock to wear off before she does anything about it.

Ellen Pompeo Dances to Ariana Grande, a Nation Celebrates