By Cancelling The Punisher, Netflix Has Made an Enemy of Eminem

Eminem. Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Netflix might be realizing they’ve made a terrible mistake in cancelling The Punisher, as none other than the still-kinda-scary rapper Eminem has written them a very strongly worded letter over it. On Wednesday night the still very real Slim Shady did what Donald Trump always threatens to do and unleashed a big, beautiful Twitter right in the streaming giant’s face. “YOU ARE BLOWING IT!!” he screamed, well, wrote in all caps, which is like a digital scream. The message was posted to the rapper’s Twitter account, where all digital screams are sent. Will the rapper cancel his service? Write a diss track? Escalate this into a full beef? Only time will tell. However, it is probably safe to assume he will not accept the second season of You as an adequate replacement.

Eminem Is Furious That Netflix Cancelled The Punisher