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Future Bailed on His NPR Tiny Desk and, Honestly, It’s Better Without Him

Chalk it up to claustrophobia or a crippling fear of having to perform without frills, but Future’s recent NPR Tiny Desk concert nearly had no future after the rapper bailed on the performance and left his band hanging. “After several hours of waiting, with the band all warmed up and ready, word came that Future would be a no-show,” NPR wrote of the debacle. What’s worse, we were denied the opportunity to see “Mask Off” performed with a flutist! The nerve! Luckily, Future’s producer and rap’s go-to piano man, Zaytoven, stepped up and got creative with it anyway, performing several Beast Mode tracks (which Zay produced) and one of his own tracks as instrumentals only, with some great banter in between (“Now my name is Zaytoven, which stems from Beethoven — anybody heard of Beethoven before?”) Excuse you, Future, but your presence is not missed!

Future Bailed on His NPR Tiny Desk, But It’s Still Great