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Glenn Close’s Sunset Boulevard Musical Movie Has Found Its Mr. DeMille

Glenn Close. Photo: TONI ANNE BARSON/FilmMagic

A film adaptation of the musical adaptation of Sunset Boulevard has been in the works at Paramount since 2017. Seven-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close played the part on Broadway in 1994, as well as in the 2017 revival. Finally, though, a director has stepped in to deliver unto us the deranged and fame-hungry Norma Desmond we need. The Hollywood Reporter says that Tony-winning choreographer Rob Ashford has signed on to direct. It will be his first time directing, and shooting is expected to begin this fall. The musical has a book by Don Black and Christopher Hampton, with music by Andrew Lloyd Weber. Close is hot off an awards season where she took home many prizes (but not the Oscar). Her poise, her dog, and her approval of Billy Porter’s tux all garnered massive approval. Could Sunset Boulevard kick off a full-fledged Glennassaince, where Glenn Close haunts pop culture’s every waking moment? Will this movie even actually happen? No one knows, but we at Vulture are ready for our Close-ups.

Glenn Close’s Sunset Boulevard has Found a Director