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Netflix’s Alfre Woodard Rom-Com Is the Salve Your Soul Needs

These are grim, uncertain times, but allow Netflix and Alfre Woodard to provide a 90-minute reprieve: In Juanita, Woodard gets a romantic-comedy vehicle of her very own. Held down by three adult (deadbeat) kids, Juanita (Woodard) sets off to Eat, Pray, Love on a budget. She hops on a bus to Butt — er, Butte — and a confrontation with a hot cook (Adam Beach) at a local diner lands her in the kitchen. “Go spread the word,” she instructs a sous-chef. “Black lady cookin’ at the diner.” Cut to Woodard kissing Adam Beach, rejecting her Blair Underwood fantasies, and walking barefoot on a beach, finding herself. Stream Juanita March 8.

Netflix’s Alfre Woodard Rom Com Is the Salve Your Soul Needs