Kacey Musgraves Covered ‘Como La Flor’ in Houston Because Anything for Selena

Como se dice yee haw?! Capping off a month in which it would seem impossible for Kacey Musgraves to capture our hearts any further, following her Grammy win for Album of the Year, her hilarious embrace of the memes from that show, and then her very pink Oscars cameo, we now direct your attention to her latest delight. At Musgraves’s concert last night in Houston for Rodeo Houston, the country star paid homage to the late Tejano queen Selena Quintanilla with her own crossover moment, covering “Como La Flor.” Rodeo Houston is the same event where Selena gave her final performance 24 years ago (Selena’s iconic purple jumpsuit and white carriage moment, you had better recall).

In her own white jumpsuit, Musgraves fully re-created the suspenseful buildup, led the famous audience call-and-response, and gave the room full body chills. Fun fact, for the new members of Kacey Hive wondering when she suddenly became fluent in Spanish, Musgraves has been covering the song for a few years, after previously taking Spanish lessons when she dated her bandmate Misa Arriaga so that she could communicate with his family members who only spoke Spanish. And, honestly, at this point, will we do anything for Kaceyssssss!

Kacey Musgraves Covered Selena’s ‘Como La Flor’ in Houston