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Meanwhile, Lars von Trier Is Making All His Movies Into Diamonds

Lars Von Trier. Photo: Matthias Nareyek/Getty Images

If you are exacting, detail-obsessed, and you have a bit of time and money lying around, it’s only a matter of time before you develop a hobby that involves diamonds. According to the New York Times, director and possible Bond villain Lars von Trier has decided to embark on an Etsy–esque journey on which he will produce diamonds inspired by each of his films. The first, inspired by his 2011 drama Melancholia, is on display at a museum in Antwerp right now, and is cut from two stones — one roughly cut, one smoother, reflecting the two halves of the film. There’s also a virtual reality experience in which you can step inside of a visualization of the diamond, if that sounds like a fun thing to do. Von Trier apparently has plans to display diamonds inspired by all 13 of his films around the globe, and he already has plans for a design based on Breaking the Waves. We shudder at the thought of what the House That Jack Built one will look like. All in all, it sounds like a better way to spend one’s time than bringing up Nazis at press conferences.

Lars von Trier Is Making All His Movies Into Diamonds