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Michelle Williams Finally Came on Busy Tonight and Spilled the Dirt

Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams are best friends. Everyone knows this. The two met on Dawson’s Creek, and have seen each other through babies, deaths, Oscars, and Venom. Philipps is frequently Williams’s date to awards ceremonies, fancy-schmancy premieres, and whatnot. As a result, the two have hobbed with some very important nobs, including Leonardo DiCaprio. The two met DiCaprio with Jonah Hill at the Golden Globes, and quickly realized they were too old to snag an invite to hang with Leo. “I remember specifically Leonardo DiCaprio laughing at something I said and then looking at me, and it was like the first time, maybe in his life, he’d looked at a 38-year-old woman,” Philipps said. “And I feel like in that moment, he looked at me and thought oh, she’s not … that’s not bad.”

Michelle Williams Shares Hot Goss on Busy Tonight