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The OA Season Two Trailer Brings Brit Marling to Alternate-Universe San Francisco

In its second season, Netflix’s very mysterious show The OA is turning into a noir — or should we say, nOAir? (Maybe we shouldn’t). After last season’s surreal, dance-filled finale, Brit Marling’s character OA appears to wake up in an alternate-universe version of 2016 San Francisco, where she lives in a luxurious apartment and nobody seems to have heard of Barack Obama. Channeling mystery films, The OA also introduces a private detective played by Karim Washington who’s trying to track down a missing teenager named Michelle Vu, as private detectives do, while the rest of the people left in the show’s original dimension try to figure out what was happening with OA in the first place. In our reality, The OA: Part II premieres on Netflix March 22.

The OA Season Two Trailer Arrives in an Alternate Universe