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Olivia Colman Continued Giving Very Good Acceptance Speeches at the BAFTAs Sunday Night

The Favourite returned to its castle, winning 7 of its 12 BAFTA nominations Sunday night, including the Leading Actress trophy for Olivia Colman. “I don’t — I do know what to say, I’ve actually written something down!” Colman said. She took out a little note (that she had trouble reading — representation matters!) and thanked her competition and her Favourite bitches. “We’re having an amazing night, aren’t we?” she said to her Favourite crew, including director Yorgos Lanthimos and co-star Rachel Weisz. “We’re going to get so pissed later!”

Three performances made up The Favourite’s wicked love triangle, but only one performance has been submitted in every race as the lead. Colman said that it’s a shame only hers could be recognized as such: “[This isn’t] for the lead, it’s for a lead, and as far as I’m concerned all three of us are the same and should be the lead. And it’s weird that we can’t do that,” she said. “This is for all three of us … It’s got my name on it, but we can scratch in some other names.” Glenn Close is the Oscar front-runner, but Olivia Colman gives great speech!

Olivia Colman Gave Our Favourite BAFTA Acceptance Speech