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Olivia Colman’s Zany Best Actress Oscars Speech Is One for the History Books

Olivia Colman, who’s already a national treasure across the pond in Britain, just won Best Actress for The Favourite at this years Oscars, beating out presumed front-runner Glenn Close for a surprise, albeit very deserved, win. There’s no need to bury the lede: Colman’s speech was an absolute goddamn delight, combining her stream-of-consciousness nerves with podium musings that have been mulling around in her head for years. Do yourself a favor and watch the video above, or at least read the speech below. Blimey!

It’s genuinely quite stressful. This is hilarious. I’ve got an Oscar! I have to thank lots of people. If, by the way, I forget anybody, I’m gonna find you later and give you all a massive snog, and I’m massively sorry if I forget you now. Yorgos, my best director in the best film. And with Emma and Rachel, the two loveliest women in the world to fall in love with and to go to work with every day. You could imagine, such hardship to be in a category with these extraordinary women. Glenn Close, you’ve been my idol for so long and this isn’t how I wanted it to be. I think you’re amazing and I love you very much. I love you all.

Thank you Lindy King, my agent who took me on over 20 years ago, I love you very much! My mum and my dad … well, you know. My kids who are at home and watching! Well, if you’re not, then, well done. This is not gonna happen again.

Any little girl who’s practicing their speech on the telly, you never know. I used to work as a cleaner, and I loved that job. I did quite a lot of my time imagining this. Oh, please wrap up? [Fart sounds.] My husband, Ed, my best friend. I love you so much. 25 years you’ve been my supporter. He’s gonna cry, I’m not. Lady Gaga!

In the press room after her victory, Colman was asked how much of her darling speech was prepared, and promised that “none of it” was. Ever a charmer, Colman also said, “I’ve just been told I completely forgot Melissa and Yalitza as well, so, but, you know, it’s not an everyday occurrence.” “I don’t know how anyone is composed and remembers everything because it’s a very weird situation,” Colman added. “But to those two beautiful women, I forgot to say thank you.” A good queen remembers to be gracious!

Watch Olivia Colman Give the Best Oscars Speech of the Night