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Paul Schrader on Oscars: ‘Never Underestimate the Power of Mediocrity’

Paul Schrader. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

If you were wondering if A24 made famed curmudgeon Paul Schrader log out of Facebook after saying he wanted to work with Kevin Spacey in the midst of First Reformed’s Oscar campaign, you were entirely right. But now, with the Oscars over, Schrader has fully logged on and is here to deliver all his opinions at once. In a new Facebook post, the writer and director announced that in his absence from posting, he “(1) saw Phosphorescent and did a conversation with Matthew Houck (2) spent Christmas eve with Glenn Close and my family in Xmas costumes (3) Jeff Berg, my agent and friend of 45 years, gave me a reception in his Pacific Palisades home for the Hollywood 70s crowd (4) Dan Smith of Italian fashion firm Isaia gave me a fabulous tuxedo–thanks! (5) ran into Spike Lee, Alfonso Cuaron, Pavel Paveloski [sic], Bo Burnham and Barry Jenkins so often at so many ceremonies and events I never need to see them again (7) realized I didn’t really miss FB that much (8) got enmeshed in a process that made me care about awards I didn’t even respect (8) learned anew never to underestimate the power of mediocrity.” Schrader, as you may remember, was nominated for Best Original Screenplay for First Reformed, and lost to Green Book, which also won Best Picture. But really, we’re going to need to hear more about Christmas with Glenn (was Pip there?). Now, how long until Schrader dives straight back into controversy and starts posting about Spacey again?

Paul Schrader on Oscars: Never Underestimate ‘Mediocrity’