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99 People in a Room Will Believe This Lady Gaga SNL Impression Is Uncanny

If we were to put a new spin on Lady Gaga’s well-worn awards season anecdote about people in rooms not believing in her, allow us to posit something else in its place: Believe in the power of SNL impressions! That’s because Gaga, a.k.a. A Star Is Born’s leading chanteuse, a.k.a Melissa Villaseñor, decided to swing by Family Feud as a last-ditch result for some Oscars good will, even if it means making pouncing-lion faces and not leaving Bradley Cooper’s side. “He has to be with me,” she puts it. “It’s the rule.” Too bad Glenn Close is also there, or else we’d call this a major win.

Somebody Show Lady Gaga This Uncanny SNL Impression