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SNL’s Heidi Gardner and Mikey Day Combine to Make the Worst Instagram Couple Ever

During Halsey’s episode of Saturday Night Live over the weekend, Colin Jost and Michael Che were joined by two particularly unbearable guests at the “Weekend Update” desk when Heidi Gardner and Mikey Day appeared as Instagram couple Brie Bacardi and Nico Slobkin. As most things with Instagram go, the two are experts at presenting a seemingly perfect relationship to the world through their joint @OnceUponASnuggle account, but under that thin surface are two people trapped in an eternal passive-aggressive fight who are desperately trying to make their real-life relationship as picture-perfect as its online counterpart. Thankfully, all it takes is Brie singing “I Want It That Way” through tears to get things back on track … for now, at least. Day delivers a solid performance as the frustrated Nico, but it’s Gardner — and her perfectly capturing the insecurity and sadness hiding just underneath Brie’s hipster hat — that makes this short but sweet segment a home run.

SNL Presents the Worst Instagram Couple Ever