Spike Lee Wants to Know Why Prince Harry Was on Facebook As ‘Spike Lee’

Prince Harry presumably updating his alt account.
“Spike Lee” himself, probably playing FarmVille. Photo: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Proving that maybe your friend from middle school who insisted that she was Neopets chat-room besties with Jesse McCartney wasn’t totally full of it, it turns out celebrities really do use fake names online. Prince Harry apparently missed the memo, though, on the whole “nondescript” thing. In an appearance during the third hour of Today to promote the Oscar-nominated, BAFTA-winning BlacKkKlansman, Spike Lee revealed that he had been Lee Israel’d by Mr. Meghan Markle himself, who apparently used to maintain a secret Facebook alias under the director’s name. Recounting the BAFTA ceremony, Lee said he pulled Prince William aside and told him to ask his brother “why he did that.” One can only assume that Harry is either a massive cinephile, or that he thinks the name “Spike Lee” is super common in the U.S., like I assume “Phoenix Buchanan” is in England. Lee also wondered why Harry didn’t go with something like “Sean Connery, James Bond, Winston Churchill.” All of which is to say, expect a Netflix Christmas special this December about a British-accented royal catfishing an American film major, called The Prince & the Auteur, starring Vanessa Hudgens in both roles.

Said Al Roker: “He did not do the right thing.”

Spike Lee Says Prince Harry Went by ‘Spike Lee’ on Facebook