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SpongeBob Brings Travis Scott to Super Bowl 2019 Halftime Stage, But There Was No ‘Sweet Victory’

Well, we were probably getting our hopes up too high with those Kylie proposal rumors. And those Outkast reunion rumors. And, of course, those Cardi B rumors, though she was kind enough to let us down easy and early. There was also, pretty pointedly, absolutely nothing at all controversial. Instead, Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show was a testament to the œuvre of pop workhorses Maroon 5 as well as the stage presence of Travis Scott. Atlanta’s own Big Boi was also fantastic, but sadly only appeared during a fraction of the show.

Overall, the most fun part of the evening (besides Big Boi’s entire performance) was the iconic SpongeBob clip accompanying Scott’s meteoritic arrival, which you can see in the video above at 2:53. Sadly, neither SpongeBob nor his human counterparts got to sing the Nickelodeon show’s famous and extremely good “Sweet Victory” halftime ballad as over a million fans had petitioned. The evening’s festivities ended with Adam Levine taking off his shirt.

SpongeBob Brings Travis Scott to Super Bowl Halftime Stage