The Bachelor’s Kirpa Sudick Reveals the Extremely ‘Basic’ Way She Hurt Her Chin

Photo: ABC

Forget Colton jumping the fence: The mystery of this week’s episode of The Bachelor came thanks to Kirpa Sudick, the delightful 26-year-old dental hygienist who appeared from her very first scene in Thailand with a noticeable bandage stuck on her chin. Annoyingly, the explanation for Kirpa’s injury was never revealed in the episode — instead, we got Onyeka and Nicole’s out-of-nowhere (and very stupid) feud — but thanks to the power of deleted scenes and ABC’s promotional machine, we finally know how our girl turned into a Band-Aid Princess. And let this be a lesson for all of the travelers out there: Do not! Try to take! A selfie! On slippery rocks!

“When I first got here, I was like, Wow, this is gorgeous. But Thailand has fucked me up and not in a good way,” Kirpa recalled with a giggle in the deleted scene. “I was trying to be basic and take a picture in front of the ocean at the start of the sunset. But it had rained, and I forgot about that. So, rocks and water? Slippery. I went to step on a rock, slipped, went to catch myself with my hand, and instead my chin took the fall.”

Kirpa wound up dealing with five stitches and a sprained wrist that required a sling, which, unbelievably, she didn’t wear during her jungle adventure group date. Still better than suffering a concussion from a bunk-bed fall, that’s for sure.

How The Bachelor’s Kirpa Sudick Hurt Her Chin