brit awards 2019

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Accepted a BRIT Award in Front of a Meghan Markle Portrait, Because Why Not?

Just like that, Black History Month was saved from total despair. Accepting their award for Best International Group at the BRIT Awards, Beyoncé and Jay-Z pretaped an acceptance speech re-creating their “Apeshit” video, but better, because the Mona Lisa was swapped for another historic woman who’s had to smirk in the face of bullshit: Meghan Markle. Yes, that is indeed a portrait of the duchess of Sussex, done by illustrator Tim O’Brien (who’s also painted Bey as a royal), hung behind the Carters. Yes, that is the Carters turning to admire our black princess (we all claim her — sorry Brits!). Why, yes, that is Beyoncé breaking throughout this stupendously ridiculous bit. And we’d love to believe that, yes, that is Blue Ivy clowning absolutely everyone involved at the very end with an audible “WHYYYYY?” Hang the whole moment in the Louvre, to which they surely still own the master key!

The Carters Accept Award in Front of Meghan Markle Portrait