let the games begin

The First-Ever Jeopardy! All-Stars Tournament Will Make You Scream ‘I Should Be on This!’ at the TV

Ken Jennings. Photo: Ben Hider/Getty Images

It’s time for the ultimate Jeopardy! showdown — the Jeopardy! to end all Jeopardy! It was revealed today that for the first time ever, elite champions will come together and compete in an all-star team tournament. Eighteen contestants from years past — including team captains Ken Jennings, Buzzy Cohen, Julia Collins, Colby Burnett, Austin Rogers, and Brad Rutter — will go head to head over the course of ten episodes for a top prize of $1 million to be split among teammates. The runner-up team will share $300,000, and the third-place finishers will have to parse $100,000. Each of the six teams will be made up of three contestants, and the tournament will air between February 20 and March 5. It’s going to be a trivia bloodbath.

The First-Ever Jeopardy! All-Stars Tournament Is Coming