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Tina Fey, Ben Stiller Stop by Tonight Show Fifth Anniversary to Openly Loathe Jimmy Fallon

In an extended off-putting bit that’s more satisfying considering Jimmy Fallon’s typically unrelenting cheerfulness, The Tonight Show celebrates its host’s fifth late-night anniversary Monday with a dark Larry Sanders Showstyle peek behind the desk. While the special’s teaser utilized fun upbeat music that might have you anticipating some 30 Rock–style wackiness, the actual episode features an icy silence, which is what Tina Fey maintains between her and Fallon when she’s not accusing him of “popping pills” or pointing out he “looks like he’s wearing a mask of his own face.” Elsewhere, a panda suit–wearing Ben Stiller is haunted by giant roaches. Congrats, Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show crew, on your achievement!

Tina Fey Stops by Tonight Show to Openly Loathe Jimmy Fallon