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Watch Matt Smith Brood and Strut in the New Mapplethorpe Trailer

Everyone who’s been wondering if Matt Smith can pull off a Queens accent, wonder no more! Mapplethorpe premiered last year at the Tribeca Film Festival, and is finally entering select theaters. The film follows controversial artist Robert Mapplethorpe from birth to death. Mapplethorpe entered the New York City demimonde with Patti Smith in the early 70s. He and Smith broke up when Mapplethorpe discovered himself artistically and sexually; his photography captured everything from flowers to BDSM. The trailer shows some key moments captured in Smith’s memoir Just Kids: Patti using her bravado to secure a room at the Chelsea Hotel for her and Robert, and Robert’s first interaction with his patron/lover Sam Wagstaff, and his battle with AIDS. Mapplethorpe comes to New York, L.A., and Chicago March 1st.

Watch Matt Smith Brood & Strut in Mapplethorpe Trailer