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Pete Holmes Talks Louis C.K. on Busy Tonight

Don’t worry! The new season of Crashing addresses #MeToo. “If we did a show about standup in 2019 and didn’t talk about it,” Pete Holmes told Busy Philipps, “it’d be like if Game of Thrones didn’t talk about dragons.” Holmes was on the Busy Tonight to talk about Crashing, and Busy took the opportunity to ask about another auteur comedian: Louis C.K., and whether he approves of how the comic is re-entering the scene. “It would be wonderful if he would evolve and grow and share in a funny and interesting way, but he’s not,” said Holmes. He agreed when Busy commented that it seems like, more than anything, C.K. is doubling down. “I’m still pulling for him. I know he’s not great, I’m with you,” he said. “Like it or not, he’s a symbol of something now. And if that symbol chooses to work with the feedback he’s receiving, a lot of people that love and respect him can evolve alongside him. And that’s a powerful opportunity. And I’m hopeful he’ll still do it.”

Watch Pete Holmes Talk About Louis C.K. on Busy Tonight