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And Now, a Lost Jon Bovi Sketch With Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis

Even for hardcore fans, the number of SNL sketches you haven’t seen could fill a … very large hard drive? Yeah. Or like, a large bucket filled with smaller hard drives, if we’re trying to be illustrative here. And Late Night With Seth Meyers wants to dump that bucket out all over us, but in a fun way like they do in Flashdance. In his Second Chance Theatre segment on Wednesday night Meyers let loose a lost installment of a classic bit: Jon Bovi, the Bon Jovi opposite band comprised of Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis. Singing such classics as “Stabbed in the Butt” and “Dyin’ on a Prayer,” they’re just like Bon Jovi but not at all! Christmas!

Here’s a Lost Installment of Forte and Sudeikis as Jon Bovi