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Will Smith Posts Jokingly Censored and/or Wildly Filthy Video From Bad Boys for Life Table Read

Bad Boys. Photo: Columbia Pictures

You know, while Blue Is the Warmest Color is usually more our taste in NC-17 movies, there is something deeply funny about the idea of Will Smith starring in a movie so explicit, even the performers’ faces have to be censored. In a recent Instagram video, Smith revealed a little behind-the-scenes first look alongside Martin Lawrence at the Bad Boys for Life table read. Assuming the threequel will actually be bleeped out and pixelated on both sides of the camera, things seem like they’re coming together nicely. And really, wouldn’t we buy tickets opening day to a movie so mind-bogglingly foul? We know, we know. We shouldn’t get our hopes up too high. We’re sure the actual film will be good too.

Will Smith Posts Censored Video From Bad Boys 3 Table Read