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Yesterday Trailer: What If the Beatles Never Existed But Ed Sheeran Very Much Did?

Richard Curtis, of Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, and Love Actually, has ascended to a new level of Britishness by writing a whole movie about how the Beatles are so great that their songs could even make someone else a superstar. Directed by Danny Boyle, Yesterday follows ordinary guy Jack Malik, newcomer Himesh Patel of EastEnders, who ends up in a world where no one remembers the music of the Beatles except for him. He passes off their songs as his, and so follows fame, fortune, an agent played by Kate McKinnon, and the chance to hang out with Ed Sheeran. What doesn’t follow: a smooth relationship with Lily James, who is contractually obligated to play every British girl next door, who apparently needs to learn to let him into her heart. Yesterday premieres June 28.

Yesterday Trailer: What If the Beatles Never Existed?