Yorgos Lanthimos Will Turn to Crime for His Next Movie, Pop. 1280

Photo: David Fisher/BAFTA/REX/Shutterstock

He’s given you lobsters and sacred deer and a handful of favourites, and now Yorgos Lanthimos will bring you crime and corruption with his next feature, Pop. 1280. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lanthimos will write and direct an adaptation of the Jim Thompson book of the same name from 1964, which tells the story of a crooked sheriff trying to game the upcoming election for his position so he can maintain the small town’s “careful balance of criminality.” The shady cop is a man in the novel (boring), but the original cover of the book has the logline: “1277 of the citizens were just plain folk — thieves, simpletons, cheats. It was those other 3 — Myra, Amy, and Rose — who made Pottsville the hottest town this side of the Equator.” So let’s not bury the lead on this one. You had us at “Myra, Amy, and Rose,” Yorgos, and we look forward to your next trio of alpha-females trying to top each other for control of the oblivious population around them.

Yorgos Lanthimos to Direct Pop. 1280 for His Next Movie