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Lindsay Lohan Is Trying to Stop Werewolves in Among the Shadows Clip

Congratulations! Today you can officially be spooked by Among the Shadows, a VOD werewolf movie starring Lindsay Lohan. In this exclusive (and, unfortunately, werewolf-free) clip from the thriller, Lilo sits in the dimly lit backseat of a limo with some creepy businessmen she thinks murdered her friend Harry. On a mission to protect her politician husband, she confronts a guy with ties to a European fossil fuels company who is willing to cut a deal with the husband if he’ll drop out of his upcoming race. It’s all standard political thriller stuff — “Well, it’s easy to play, if you bought the right sheet music,” Lilo sneers at one point — except there is a werewolf mystery looming somewhere outside the limo’s nightclub-quality lighting. Aspiring politicians with a supernatural foe take note: Lindsay Lohan might be the best power broker your super PAC can buy. See Among the Shadows on Digital HD and on demand today.

Among the Shadows Clip: Lindsay Lohan Vs. Werewolves