live die repeat

An Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Is in the Works. We Repeat, an Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Is in the Works.

Live. Die. Repeat. Repeat. Photo: Warner Bros.

Too many movie sequels end up feeling like tacked-on money grabs, but every so often you get a big-budget movie with a story that’s begging to be continued — or maybe looped backward, or however time will work in this thing. Edge of Tomorrow is one of those stories, so thankfully, Warner Bros. is finally developing a second film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Matthew Robinson is working on a script, and here’s the very important part: Director Tom Liman and his stars Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise are expected to return for more living, dying, and repeating, provided they like the new material. So, not to put too much pressure on Matthew Robinson, but he better not screw this up for us because we are counting on the Angel of Verdun to save us all. Of course, “save us all” means supplying more gif-able moments of Blunt doing very intense push-ups.

Based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s 2004 graphic novel All You Need Is Kill, Tomorrow was not a box-office wonder when it came out in 2014, but the long tail of critical praise and fan appeal it’s earned over the years has codified as something of a modern sci-fi classic. Now’s a good time for a sequel, especially since time loops are so hot right now.

An Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Is in the Works