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Join Rachel Sennott’s Baby Cult If You Dare

Featured Funny Video: Baby Cult

Russell Katz did a wonderful job helming and editing this absurdist piece starring Ellena Eshraghi as a woman who’s reporting for her first day in a high-end baby boutique, only to come across three of the most pregnancy-obsessed employees (Rachel Sennott, Annabel Meschke, Sabina Meschke) Brooklyn has ever seen.

Written by Sennott, who, not surprisingly, landed on this year’s Time Out New York “Comedians to Watch” list, Baby Cult laments the travails of new motherhood in a totally unique way, because none of the women in the short are playing mothers. No, save for one, they’re just wannabes — slogan-slinging servants to a “keeping up with the Joneses” cult-ure that justifies their store’s $300 statement outfits for infants and inspires them to wheel around a carriage with a fake baby inside. What? Yeah, it’s weird. And spoiler alert: All of it builds to puppets impregnating humans at the end. That’s not why we’re covering it.

We love the jokes. We love the timing and delivery of these jokes. Eshraghi is a wonderfully understated straight person against which the other three ricochet the kind of nuanced performances one seldom seems to nail when the cameras are rolling.

Calling it: Everyone in this video has an exciting road ahead.

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Join Rachel Sennott’s Baby Cult If You Dare