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Martin Lawrence Knows Everything About Horny Dolphins in a Beach Bum Clip

All aboard the S.S. Success, where Captain Wack (Martin Lawrence) is giving his passengers a lesson is the mating rituals of the majestic dolphin. Or something. In Harmony Korine’s The Beach Bum, Lawrence plays the “greatest dolphin guy in the history of dolphin guys” according to our protagonist Moondog (Matthew McConaughey), a perpetually crossfaded poet. Cue Captain Wack’s deep analysis: “Alright, we’re in the middle of mating season. If you see some humping, don’t look away. It’s cool looking,” he insists. “It’s nature in all its glory.” His passengers — a family of five in visors and Hawaiian print shirts, all you need to know — seem less than thrilled at the prospect of seeing a bunch of dolphins getting their freak on in orgy season. See The Beach Bum (filled with factoids about dolphin dicks you probably didn’t need) in theaters March 29.

Beach Bum Clip: Martin Lawrence Loves Horny Dolphins