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Busy Philipps Does a Perfectly Husky Elizabeth Holmes Voice

If you haven’t been on the internet in a few days, consider yourself lucky and let us fill you in: Everyone is losing their minds over the latest scheme in our season of scam that stars a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, baritone-voiced woman named Elizabeth Holmes who convinced Silicon Valley investors to give her a lot of money for a blood-testing technology that, in retrospect, had some pretty glaring issues.

On her late-night show, host Busy Philipps took a crack at the scandal. Beyond the book, podcast, and HBO documentary that Holmes’s story spawned, her personal affects have also become a major topic of discussion.

“There is so much to unpack, but like many people on my Twitter timeline, I’m kind of obsessed with her voice,” Philipps said. Holmes has been accused of intentionally lowering her voice because it makes people take her more seriously. In the clip above, Philipps does a pretty good impersonation of Holmes, and she’s only the latest — Tavi Gevinson also posted one that was pretty spot-on to Twitter yesterday.

According to TMZ, the hysteria over Holmes’s plausibly fake voice has gotten so bad that her family went so far as to issue a denial that she’s changing the tone of it on purpose.

Busy Philipps Does a Perfectly Husky Elizabeth Holmes Voice