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Christine Baranski Usurps Laura Benanti As The Late Show’s Resident Melania Trump Impersonator

Those Melania Trump body double conspiracy theories are back in the press again, which is really starting to piss off Laura Benanti’s Melania Trump. She’s smarter than this, you crazy people! Should would never use one when doing things outside! “If I were going to use a double, it would be in private when Donald knocks on my bedroom door and asks for a presidential briefing,” she notes. “It’s over in two minutes and he spends the whole time confused.” But wait … blink your eyes. Doesn’t she look a bit different now? Say, like another Tony award winning actress who’s very good at everything she does? “Why would anyone impersonate Melania Trump?” this doppelganger asks. “You can’t get rid of me no matter how hard I try.” My, my, how could we possibly resist this becoming a recurring bit.

Oh Joy, Watch Christine Baranski Impersonate Melania Trump