SNL’s Colin Jost Gets Voluntarily Choked Out to Get You Hyped for Monday Night Wrestling

Even if wrestling isn’t usually your jam, there was something for everyone to enjoy during Monday Night Raw this week. For example, Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost being picked up and dangled by living Goliath Braun Strowman. Jost and Weekend Update co-correspondent Michael Che journeyed backstage during the WWE show for a series of bits, meeting a variety of wrestling stars and, of course, finding a conga line. They also teased their upcoming gig as WrestleMania 35’s “special guest correspondents,” and, hey, you never know what can happen at WrestleMania. Maybe a Yokosuka cutter? Or a T. rex dropkick? Can’t go wrong with a good ol’ fashioned inverted choke slam!

Colin Jost Gets Choked Out to Get You Hyped for WWE Raw