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The ‘Highlight’ of Colton Underwood’s Sex Life Doesn’t Even Involve Sex

The reign of Colton Underwood’s Bachelor tenure is over, however basic the ending might’ve been: He was able to persuade Cassie “I Jumped the Fence for You” Randolph into a no-strings-attached relationship as opposed to an engagement, and maybe, likely, probably lost his virginity to her, too. That’s what we’re assuming, anyway, based on the many clues and innuendos Underwood teased in the finale, but we’ve clearly missed the most important detail about his inaugural bang sessions, as Underwood explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. “My mom called me after you had Daniel Radcliffe on your show,” he told Kimmel. “Harry Potter was talking about my love life and sex life, so honestly that was the highlight. Harry Potter was talking about it! I was very excited.” Accio, more fun facts!

Colton Underwood Reveals the ‘Highlight’ of His Sex Life