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Even Courteney Cox Knows Monica Couldn’t Afford her Friends Apartment in 2019

Courteney Cox has been a gosh-darned delight since she joined Instagram this year. She clearly recognizes that millennial and Gen Z users of the app have all binged Friends on Netflix at one point or another. Her avi is Fat Monica, the first pic she posted was on the Friends couch at the Warner Bros. lot, and she made sure to stop by the exterior of Monica’s apartment this week when she was in New York. But even Cox knows that Monica Geller couldn’t hold onto that apartment today. Her video of the iconic exterior was captioned “The One Where My Rent Went Up $12,000,” recognizing that Mon’s grandma’s rent-controlled apartment would probably be leased by some oligarch today. If you want to visit the famed building, it’s on the corner of Grove and Bedford and is now the home to restaurant the Little Owl.

Courteney Cox Visited Monica’s Apartment Building in NYC