Damn, Simon Pegg Is Shredded Now

Simon Pegg. Photo: Nick Lower

Taking a page out of the Christian Bale Handbook for Serious Actors, Britcom star turned Hollywood darling Simon Pegg has undergone an astounding physical transformation for his role in the upcoming thriller Inheritance. According to a message from his trainer on social media, Pegg was required to lose a significant amount a weight while bulking up his muscle strength — “the brief for this role was lean, very lean” — resulting in a pack of abs that might be as chiseled as a Hellenistic marble sculpture on display in the Vatican. Inheritance is described as a drama-thriller about a patriarch’s unexpected death, and the even more unexpected revelation that he left his wife and daughter “a shocking secret inheritance that threatens to unravel and destroy their lives.” Maybe the shocking secret is the inheritance isn’t money, but protein powder.

Damn, Simon Pegg’s Body Transformation Must Be Seen