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‘The Delivery Guy’ Will Captivate a Generation

Sometimes it’s refreshing to see a return to low-fi — a simple sketch filmed in a half-day that doesn’t benefit from bells, whistles, or even a really great zoom lens. If they’re fun, slapdash contributions like these remind us all why we started doing comedy in the first place. They may even give us the kick we need to go out and make something, even if we feel like the unpredictability of this industry makes us want to lock the door, curl up on the couch, and then get up to unlock the door because our Postmates order just got here … again and again and again. Conquering that feeling of fear and hopelessness is exactly what “The Delivery Guy” writers Blair Socci and Reggie Henke have done here, and all they had to do was embrace it.

In a sequence of events with which we’re all intimately familiar, Blair (Blair Socci), a completely useless couch barnacle, strikes up what we think may be a meet-cute romance with a delivery man (Joe Kwaczala) who heeds the siren song of the gig economy day after day, knocking on Blair’s door with the same pad Thai order and the occasional Big Gulp. He longs for her and she for him, it seems. But day after day, Blair’s manicured hand clicks the dead bolt shut on her would-be suitor until it’s all just too much to take. Of course, she still needs pad Thai … and he’s not responding.

What the hell? This is, like, his job. Like any card-carrying millennial, Blair shudders at the thought of forgoing technology to brave the unpredictability of the outside world. By the time she does (thanks to a pep talk from God, played by Ramona Singer), she ventures beyond the courtyard of her Hollywood apartment complex and realizes that she may have set into motion a horrific chain of events that she can’t reverse.

Nah, just kidding. She gets her pad Thai at all costs, and doesn’t regret a God. Damn. Thing.

The world is gonna end so, so soon.

Luke is executive producer and head of development at Big Breakfast and a watcher of many web videos. Send him yours @LKellyClyne.

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‘The Delivery Guy’ Will Captivate a Generation