Horror Legends Kevin Williamson & Eli Roth to Collab on The River at Night for Miramax

Photo: Handout/Getty Images

Miramax’s The River at Night will unite three giants in the horror genre: Kevin Williamson, Eli Roth, and the state of Maine. Williamson created Dawson’s Creek and wrote 3 out of the 4 Screams, and Roth is best known for the Hostel series. “Kevin and I had long been a mutual admiration society, and when he told me this was Girls Trip meets  Deliverance, I said, I’m in,” Roth told Deadline. The film will be based on Erica Ferencik’s novel of the same name, about four women who get lost in the Allagash Wilderness of Maine. They get separated from their raft and supplies, but stumble upon a campsite. Will the campsite be full of cool and nice people who help the women return to civilization, or will a bunch of horror stuff happen? Probably the latter, but you’ll have to read the book to find out. Roth has been a Kevin Williamson stan since reading a copy of the Scream script at 22. “On my first meeting with him years ago I brought the Dawson’s Creek calendar I’d put in my apartment and he noticed that the only appointments were reminders to tape that show,” he told Deadline. “He said it was the funniest, saddest thing he had ever seen, my empty life in Los Angeles.”

Eli Roth and Kevin Williamson to Collab for the First Time