Emmy Blotnick Gets Cursed by a Dead Pigeon on Thank You, Goodnight

Last year, Comedy Central highlighted comedians Joel Kim Booster, Yamaneika Saunders, and Casey James Salengo in a part scripted, part stand-up showcase digital series called Thank You, Goodnight, and today the network launched the next batch of episodes. First up is stand-up and former The Late Show With Stephen Colbert writer Emmy Blotnick, who performs sets at the New York Comedy Club in Manhattan and the Cobra Club in Brooklyn and gets briefly sidetracked when a dead pigeon falls from the sky and hits her on the head. Comedian Rich Vos makes a brief appearance as a gruff but accommodating barber who lets post-dead-pigeon Blotnick wash all that bad luck out of her hair.

The next two episodes featuring comedians Nore Davis and Tim Dillon will premiere on Comedy Central Stand-up’s YouTube channel over the course of the next two Mondays, so keep an eye out there for the rest.

Emmy Blotnick Gets Cursed by a Pigeon on Thank You Goodnight