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There’s a Kid Swinging Anal Beads Around in the Good Boys Trailer

You probably didn’t realize the song “Nobody Speak” by Run the Jewels and DJ Shadow would be the anthem for your Monday, but thanks to the trailers for Booksmart and now Good Boys, the lyric “picture this: I’m a bag of dicks” is now looping through your brains. Like so many unruly boys movies, Good comes from producer Seth Rogen, and it stars Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon, and Keith L. Williams as a trio of best buds trying to prove they’re more grown than they actually are by attempting to steal alcohol, accidentally stealing drugs, going to parties (presumably thrown by fellow fifth-graders), and getting in actual fistfights with frat guys. Good Boys is directed by Gene Stupnitsky, but it also looks like pure Rogen.

A Kid Swings Anal Beads Around in the Good Boys Trailer