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The Maniacs Over at HBO Have Been Hiding Literal Iron Thrones Around the Globe for You to Find

Yes, HBO set up a worldwide scavenger hunt for Game of Thrones fans to locate six iron thrones ahead of the show’s eighth season, but wouldn’t it be way better if someone who has never heard of Game of Thrones or HBO got to find a massive 600-pound knife chair in the woods or at the foot of a random snow-covered cliff? Just absolutely no context whatsoever? Well, there’s still the chance that could happen.

While previous thrones have been located in Björkliden, Sweden; Puzzlewood, England; Atienza, Spain; and Beberibe, Brazil; the frosty Throne of Ice featured above has yet to be officially discovered and a sixth and final throne will be unveiled this week. You can do a little geo-detective work of your own, following along at @gameofthrones and #FortheThrone, or just keep that massive metal sword-seat that popped up in your driveway our little secret.

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HBO Hid Actual Iron Thrones Across the Globe for You to Find