Heinz Is Now Looking to This Classic Mr. Show Sketch for New Product Ideas

Mr. Show. Photo: HBO

Thanks to the success of Mayochup, Heinz has decided to branch out further into the frankencondiment world by announcing two new releases, and one of them comes straight out of the Mr. Show playbook. According to the Takeout, Heinz will now be selling two more mayo-hybrid products: Mayomust (“a delicious mashup of mayonnaise and mustard”) and Mayocue (“a tasty combination of mayonnaise and barbecue sauce”), which will both be available in stores and on Amazon by the end of this month.

But for fans of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’s sketch-comedy series Mr. Show, “Mayomust” is far from a new invention. In one of the show’s most memorable commercial parodies (we love you equally, “Van Hammersly”), the HBO series invented not one but three versions of Heinz’s Mayomust — Stenson’s Mayostard, Vaunnies Mustardayonnaise, and Mundees Mustmayostardayonnaise — to free time-strapped sandwich lovers from the “two-jar grind”:

Vulture has reached out to reps for Cross and Odenkirk in case they’d like to provide an official comment on this urgent matter, and we will update this post if we hear back. If the below tweet from Cross is any indication, it looks like there’s at least one person Heinz can’t count on to become a Mayomust customer:

Heinz’s New Product Is Straight from the Mr. Show Playbook