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SNL Casts Rami Malek As the Ghost of Michael Jackson in Their Twitter Game Show ‘Can I Play That?’

Oh, people on Twitter aren’t going to like this very much. Then again, what do we like? In this week’s Saturday Night Live, Twitter is given the reins in “actors’ least favorite game” show Can I Play That? A send-up of the platform’s reaction to recent casting decisions, including reports that Will Smith will play Venus and Serena Williams’s father Richard in an upcoming biopic, a befuddled Idris Elba attempts to keep up with the exacting standards to which Twitter demands Hollywood adhere. Except when it comes to Asian and Asian-American roles, which studios can apparently just ballpark, and Rami Malek, who will undoubtedly give everything he’s got to his next role: Michael Jackson’s ghost in Lifetime’s Haunting Neverland.

SNL’s Twitter Game Show Casts Rami Malek As MJ’s Ghost