Dang, Look at the Size of the Engagement Ring A-Rod Got Jennifer Lopez!

Jeezy Creezy look at the size of that thing. Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are getting hitched. Literally, to a tractor that will tow J. Lo’s hand for her, now that it’s so fucking heavy. It’s a big ring, is what I’m trying to get at. J-Rod have been together since 2017, when Lopez approached him at lunch. When Lopez was honored with MTV’s Video Vanguard award in 2018, Rodriguez and his children were there to support her in the audience and it was very cute. A-Rod posted the engagement photo captioned “She said yes,” while Lopez posted the same photo captioned with several heart emojis. It appears Rodriguez popped the question at dusk. Either that, or that friggin’ huge ring blocked out the sun.

Dang, Look at the Size of the Rock A-Rod Got Jennifer Lopez!